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The Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) consists of representatives from a variety of School-related groups.

There are people from the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Information Technology (IT) undergraduate programs, postgraduate students – both Higher Degree by Coursework (HDC) and Research (HDR) – and one member from the University Engineers' Club (UEC). It is chaired by a member of the EECE academic staff.

Members of the SSCC are expected to report to the Chair on academic matters of concern to the students they represent. The Chair reviews the SSCC minutes with the Head of School and issues that have been raised are passed onto the School (such as Education Committee, Section Managers, individual lecturers) by either the SSCC Chair or the Head of School as and where appropriate for consideration and possible action.

Matters for discussion can include:

  • feedback (positive or negative) about the curriculum, units and similar matters
  • suggestions (from the School or from students) for changes to curriculum, units and the like  
  • ways to enhance the educational experience for all EE and IT students during their time undertaking EE/IT programs.

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